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Growing a personal brand is difficult. It is even more difficult to grow it alone. Say goodbye to outdated, complicated websites and unpredictable customer acquisition hacks that leave you more confused than informed. We keep everything simple, easy, and more fun. Become the HERO of your 6-figure brand.


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#5th place in the ranking of Technical Universities in the country
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Turn your hobby and passion into profitable business​

What Is AlphaMedia?

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We truly believe that all owners of fitness, yoga, and nutrition businesses should take complete control and ownership of their passion and business. But, the problem is that most of them give away their audience and promote other brands. They easily put up affiliate links and allow their audience to fall in love with products that are not their own for a small sales commission.
Many of them believe that it is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process to establish their own store and promote their own digital products or training programs, something only expert marketers can decipher.

The truth is that it is easy and much more profitable than traditional ways of monetization, especially when you have a personalized roadmap and a dedicated team to guide you. AlphaMedia is a world-class marketing agency that helps you build your own brand, based on digital or physical products, and coaching programs with proven 6-figure process that guides you to wildly profitable campaigns.

What we do

We help to create strategies,
design & development.

Web Design

Create your stunning and optimized online store with us. One-time, subscription-based payment? You decide! Keep everything in one place - ebooks, training programs, physical products, blog posts, social media links and more.

Marketing Strategy

Maximize the potential of your OWN brand with tailor-made marketing strategies. Create a profitable and valuable ebook or training program that your audience can't refuse.

Whether you are a novice looking to start, wanting to take control of your influence and manage web design or marketing on your own, or striving to improve your current results, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

Is it for me?

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Fitness Influencers
Learn how to turn your fitness passion into a profitable business with our expert advice and tools. Discover strategies to increase your reach and engagement without compromising your authenticity or losing your loyal followers.
Yoga Coaches
Build strong and meaningful relationships with your students and help them achieve their wellness goals. Get expert guidance and resources to start or grow your yoga coaching business.
Personal Trainers
Start or grow your personal training business with our expert guidance and resources. Create customized fitness plans and services that meet the unique needs and goals of your clients.
Nutrition Specialist
Turn your expertise into a successful brand that can help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Create an ebook, offer personalized diet plans, and provide the best tips for your audience.
Our Clients

What they say?

As someone who often leaves things to the last minute, I went to Alpha Media, I was not disappointed! Thanks to the great contact, we quickly agreed on the details and in less time than I expected my project appeared on the website. Also, after completion, Alpha Media answered all my questions very efficiently, and we made modifications together. I would recommend because of the quality, implementation time, professional service and hassle-free contact. In need of a comprehensive, professional service, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Once again, I would recommend!

Mikolaj Nowak
Founder, Stalowy Szok

We have had the pleasure of working with Michael twice: once on the creation of a local scientific conference website and once on the creation of a promotional website for the research team. In both cases the cooperation was excellent. Michael is characterized by an extremely professional approach to the client: great contact, prompt execution of the order, flexibility in terms of deadlines. And, most importantly, the pages made by AlphaMedia are aesthetically pleasing, functional and tailored to specific needs. We definitely recommend!

Dr. Eng. Michal Blatkiewicz
Technical University of Lodz, Departament of Process and Enviromental Engineering

What if I will give you a magic pill that you can increase your sales by 6295%? Think about it. No hard work, no ads, and no gimmicks; just a simple

A ccording to the Harvard Business Review, customer service has a major impact on business success. In fact, businesses that prioritize excellent

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